Shanga is the most nutrient dense, superfood meal on Earth. In one serving of Shanga, you get the nutrition you need for sustained energy, razor sharp brain function, a healthy body and overall feeling great. At Shanga we believe that the body is the best pharmacy and that many physical illnesses and mental disorders can be fixed by giving your body the proper nutrition on a consistent basis.
 Shanga is a power packed, nutrient dense, complete real meal. It can also help in weight management by making you feel/stay satisfied for a long time. We've seen so many people try so many different tactics to lose weight or get in shape, meanwhile it was so simple all along...  When your body has all the essential nutrients it needs, you don't have hunger cravings which makes getting fit and healthy completely effortless.  Shanga is the perfect macro balance and is jam packed with plant based protein and the essential vitamins and minerals you need from natural foods. (Scroll down for full ingredient list & nutrition facts)